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Have a question about the Travel Industry ?

Need advice on your career path, or just questions about the best way to advance?

Ask our experts and have them guide you.

Gayle Walsh has been in the travel industry since 1983

She started her career in the airline business having worked for Air One, British Caledonian Airways and Austrian Airlines.

Don has been assisting clients in career transition for 15 years.

From his early roots near the Big Apple, Don has gone on to become a national resource for information about resumes and how to target them for a particular geography or industry.

Randolph Haddad started his career in travel in Toledo, Ohio in 1974.

For 18 years Randolph produced steady sales growth, handling prominent global companies.
In 1991, he set off on his own, acquiring his own agency – an agency with $3 Million in sales.

Daniel R. Zim is the founder and principal attorney of Zim Travel Law, PLLC.

Daniel created numerous member resources and gave presentations on significant legal topics affecting the association and the travel industry as a whole.



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